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Is Stress a Scalar or Vector or Tensor Quantity? Is it same for Pressure also?

Is Stress a Scalar or Vector or Tensor  Quantity? Is it same for Pressure also?


5 Answers

tejas desai
4 Points
9 years ago

stress is a scalar quantity;; it is force per unit area and same is for pressure

Marjaan Mahmood
14 Points
9 years ago

I had the doubt because when I think a condition like this. When  two forces of different magnitude acts oppositely on a block which  is at rest, in a manner that the force per area on one side is equal to the force per area on other side. The net force is zero?? Or If yes.Force/Area is a vectore as the negative signs results their sum in to 0.

8 Points
7 years ago
Stress is actuallyneither scaler nor vector quantity, it is a tensor. However it can reffered as Cuchy Traction Vectot T. Source - wikipedia & wikianswers
anmol gaurav
8 Points
7 years ago
newton’s second law is defined for net unbalanced force not unbalanced stress.Stress is used to define static behaviour.Thesituation u are assuming ,there is unabalance so your system can’t be at rest.stress is defined for a point.
29 Points
4 years ago
stress seems to be scalar same as that of pressure but when force is involved in a specified direction in stress it is a vector;hence it is neither a vector or scalar so.

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