Which is the best book 4 mechanics?

Which is the best book 4 mechanics?


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Navjyot Kalra
askIITians Faculty 654 Points
13 years ago
Hi, Actually i don't think there is as such a best book for mechanics, because different books cater different needs. Elementary mechanics can be studied from H.C.Verma part 1 which also goes a long way in helping you study for jee physics.This has both theory and questions(with answers). Another good theory book is authored by Resnick,Haliday and Walker. It does not have questions but very detailed and simple explanation of the concepts. Other books solely for problem solving are 1) I.E Irodov 2) S. Krotov 3) Bukhotsev the above mentioned books are comparatively tougher than hc verma and seeing the current pattern of jee should'nt be recommended for jee,but very good for olympiads. regards, vinayak 3rd year Computer Science & Engineering, IIT-Delhi

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