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Grade: 12

the min. value of µ b/w the two blocks for no slipping is

a) F/mg
b) F/3mg
c) 2F/3mg
d) 4f/3mg
10 years ago

Answers : (4)

Pratham Ashish
17 Points

hi ,

in this question poin to consider is that , block 2m is not involed in any type of motion, it wil remain unmoved . so for no slipping  block m should also be at rest

 consider block m,

  net force on it should be zero,

 T - μmg = 0

T = F ,so

μ =  F /mg , it will be its min. value (a)

10 years ago
Saurabh tiwari
18 Points
							no! ans is not correct!
10 years ago
Pratham Ashish
17 Points



Sorry for that,


actually I didn't consider the other block 


if see in the fig ,



the max accelaration of the combined system of both block =  F/3m


now we hav to find the u for this condition

total horz. force on the block 2 =>   umg - F =m*F/3m =F/3


                                          =>umg = 4F/3




minimum u value ensure no slipping at all,  maens that the both block will move together for that given  value of FORCE


I really appreciate ur move bcz of  which i cud correct my mistake


ENJOY the  solution

10 years ago
yudhvir maan
18 Points


9 years ago
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