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Can newtons second law be applied in a non-inertial frame of reference

Can newtons second law be applied in a non-inertial frame of reference

Grade:Upto college level

2 Answers

Pratham Ashish
17 Points
12 years ago

yes , u can apply newtons 2nd law in a non-inertial frame but u hav to consider the pseudo force and modify the equation accordingly

for example ,

we can take a non inertial frame which has only transational acceleration  say 'α'...

then 2nd law equation get modified to

m*dv/dt = F - mα

thus u can see here there is only a simple modification u hav to consider.....

askIITianexpert IITDelhi
8 Points
12 years ago

Yes,newton's second law can be applied in non-inertial frame of reference by taking proper pseudo forces in consideration.

Non-inertial frame is accelerated frame,so you take system having pseudo acceleration opposite to the acceleration of the  frame & equal in magnitude.

It could be equivalently stated that you make the non-inertial frame an inertial one the moment you take opposite acceleration working on the system(pseudo accn & force)

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