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harshit agarwal Grade: 12

A ball floats on the surface of water in a container exposed to atmophere. If the container is now covered and air is compressed then the ball

(a) sinks down

(b) rises up

(c) remains at same level

(d) oscillates

(e)none of these

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITianexpert IITDelhi
8 Points

It will  floats until  fully submerged.Qualitatively the situation is analogous to case when you just press the ball & withdraw.Definitely ball ascillate,but if you apply enoungh constant pressure just enough to sbmerge the ball it will remain so until your force is withdrawn & then again it will oscillate.Obviously you could made it sink also !!

But the compressed air couldn't do so.As it's authority end at the water surface!

What i mean is that no matter how much you compress the air above water surface,it will not affect the water body as system,coz' water can't be compressed!

So your incresing applied pressure will eventually submerge the ball fully as it equals the buoyancy but beyond that it will stay floating albeit fully inside water surface.

And the moment you withdarw the pressure above it will bounce oscillating which eventually fades.

8 years ago
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