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trishit thakur Grade:
        if there is only one string rolled about many pulleys....having variant weights, does it tension always remains the same?
8 years ago

Answers : (3)

Tushar Watts
19 Points

If the string is maseless, the tension in it is same everywhere. However, if a string has a mass, tension at different points will be different.

If there is a friction b/w the strings and the pulleys, tension is different on the two sides of the pulleys, but if there is no friction b/w pulley and string, tension will be same on both sides of the pulleys.

8 years ago
Askiitian.Expert Rajat
24 Points


The moment of Inertia I of the pulleys cannot be neglected. Hence , the resistance that the Moment of Inertia exerts on the movement of the system has to be taken into account, thus the pulley experiences a net angular acceleration. This can only be caused by a net torque acting about the axis of rotation of the pulley. Which can only be explained by the difference in the tension in different parts of the same string.



Askiitian Expert


8 years ago
saurabh kumar bhatia
14 Points

yes the tension is same until or unless rope is not changed.

8 years ago
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