Why rolling friction is less than the sliding friction ?

Why rolling friction is less than the sliding friction ?


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Aman Bansal
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11 years ago

Dear Rajat,

In sliding friction, an object is dragged over the ground, and the object is therefore moving in relation to the ground. The surface area of the underside of the object is in constant contact and motion with respect to the ground, and it is this underside surface dragging along the ground that creates the friction.

In a wheeled arrangement, the surface area of the wheel is stationary with respect to the ground - it does not drag along the ground, except in cases of skidding. As the wheel rotates, the adjacent surface area of the wheel comes into momentary stationary contact with the ground as the former surface area lifts up off the ground. Therefore, there is no dragging, and no energy lost due to friction between the wheel and the ground. In an automobile wheel, there is momentary deformation of the tire, which results in minor internal friction, but that friction is insignificant compared to the friction caused by dragging an object over the ground.

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Aman Bansal

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4 years ago
The reaction force acts at the contact point of the wheel in a direction opposite to the applied force the wheel rolls without repturing the cold welds that is why the rolling friction is much smaller than slidding friction

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