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sudarshan gupta Grade: Upto college level
        to examine rotational equilibrium can we take torque about any point
8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Pratham Ashish
17 Points

Meaning for the rotational equilibrium is :
When an object is in equilibrium, it is not moving or rotating. The object's linear and angular accelerations are both zero.
* The sum of all the torques acting on a system must be equal to zero.

* The sum of the clockwise torques must be equal to the sum of the counterclockwise torques.

* The pivotal axis can be chosen to be any point inside or outside the object.

* It useful to observe that choosing the pivot point through the line of action of a force eliminates that force from the equilibrium torque equations. This often simplifies things.

summation of torque = 0 at any point

8 years ago
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