What should i do?????

What should i do?????


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Ashwin Sinha
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12 years ago

Dear Kaushal,


 If u have problem in solving HCV, then u r somewhere lacking in strength of ur concepts!!!!!!!    Plz. first build strong phy. concepts, then go for HCV!!!!!   Don't get dishearted!!!!!!   Just do ur best!!!!!  IIT - JEE is always a long way to go!!!!!!!!!


                    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!


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12 years ago

go for thoery first..

get idea about the chapter then think upon it for some time..

u might have some question try to clear those.

n try solving questions..

if u still cant solve questions means ur concept is not clear in that part.

get back to thoery..


hc verma means concept.. clear that n u will be able 2 solve the question..


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