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Grade: 12

two bodies of same mass are projected frm two buildings of equal height. one body is making an angle 30 and other is making angle 60 with the horizontal. find out the relative velocity of one body with rescept to other??

10 years ago

Answers : (2)

AskIITianExpert Srijan.iitd
8 Points

write down the equation and expressions in vector form and determine vectorial velocity in horizontal direction and virticle direction for both projectiles.

take care of the coordinate system...both velocities must be written in the same coordinate system..i mean origin and axes must be same for both velocities.

subtract the velocity of the projectile relative to which you want to measure the velocity of other from the velocity of other projectile.!!!

the result you get is the answer!!!!!!

10 years ago
Ramesh V
70 Points

Let body 1 be projected with vel. V1 at 30 degrees to horizontal and

body 2 be projected with vel. V2 at 60 degrees to horizontal and

horizintal component of vel is V cos x  and vertical component os V sin x

For body 1 , velocity vector is given as 

               V1(31/2 i + j) / 2

For body 2 , velocity vector is given as 

               V2( i + 31/2j) / 2

The relative vel. of one body wrt other is  V1(31/2 i + j)/ 2  V2( i + 31/2j) / 2

For V1=V2 =V  we have                    V( i - j)*(31/2-1)/ 2


10 years ago
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