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umesh chandrakant shah Grade: 12

I have listen that person standing on earth at antartic region has his head up side down & is looks hangging on the earth, is this a fact? then how his body system works? Similarly why tall trees standing on earth at equator do not bend towards the earth? And how the water from the earth lifted upward to the leaf of a tall tree againt the gravitational force?

8 years ago

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AskiitianExpert Shine
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Its not that the person is hanging upside down. The Earth is round as we all know that, now wen u are at antartic region in the southern hemisphere , the land is still the same plane as anywhere else, and u are standing absolutely straight. U are attracted towards the centre of the earth . This notion is just like viewing a globe, and u 'll look upside down. The body system is absolutely normal.

at every place on earth , the body is attracted towards the centre of the earth and nt downwards. This downward term is relative to the situation, like wen u are standing, downward means toward the centre of the earth, while wen u look at the earth from space u 'll say downwards is north to south. So, that's wat is confusing u.

the trees at the equator are attracted towards the centre of the earth , moreover they tend to move toards light. They wont bend, coz there is no force in that direction to ben them.

8 years ago
AskiitianExpert Shine
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Water are absorbed from the soil by the plant root and transported to all parts of the plant. This passage of water is called the transpiration stream.  Several factors play a role in pushing water up the transpiration stream against theforce of gravity:

Root Pressure and Osmosis

water penetrate root cells by the force of osmosis,created by unequal concentrations of water inside the root cells and the surroundingsoil. Osmosis pushes water up in the plant due to unequal concentrations of water across the plant.

Capillary action or capillarity - the ability of a narrow tubes to draw a liquid upwards

against the force of gravity. The flow of water in the thin xylem tubes is influenced by

two opposite forces: adhesive forces of water molecules to the surface of the tube

walls and cohesive forces that attract water molecules to each other. When the

adhesive forces between the water and the tube walls are stronger than the cohesive

forces between the water molecules, a capillary action is created.

Transpiration Pull - This is considered to be the major driving force for water

transport throughout a plant. Water vapor is lost from the leaves through the stomata

in the process called - transpiration. Water concentration in the stomata areas is

especially low. Since osmosis occurs across a concentration gradient, water will flow

to these areas to equalize water concentration across the plant.

8 years ago
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