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Balaji Venkatesh --- Grade: 12
        what is the minmum velocity of a projectile such that it touches  4 vertices of a regular hexagon??
8 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskIITians Expert PRASAD IIT Kharagpur
18 Points

For projectile to pass through four points A, B, C, D of a regular Hexagon of side a,

we must throw the projective from A and its fall at D passing through B and C in between.


for this we must have Range to be twive of maximum height,

i.e    2 * (u^2 * sin^2(@)/ (2 * g))  =  (u^2 * sin2@/ g)

@ = angle of throw.

Solving above  we get @ = arctan(2) = 63.43 degrees.

Putting aobe in any of equations of Range or height we have

u =  4.95 * (a^0.5).

a = side of hexagon.


8 years ago
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