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Kuldeep Mukherjee Grade: 12
        Two balls of masses 1 kg each are connected by an inextensible massless string. The system is resting on a smooth horizontal surface. An impulse of 10 Ns is applied to one of balls at an angle 300 with the line joining two balls in horizontal direction as shown in the figure. Assuming that the string remains taut after the impulse, the magnitude of impulse of tension is: 
7 years ago

Answers : (2)

gaurav bagade
16 Points


You just need to resolve the component of the implse in the direction parallel and perpendicular to the string.

This will give you ANSWER = 5 Ns

7 years ago
Utkarsh shukla
12 Points
										Going parallel to rod Net impulse =change in momentum10cos30°-tension impulse=MV for above massFor lower massImpulse tension=vSolving we get 5√3÷2
2 months ago
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