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saurabh pandey Grade: 11
        slipping is the cause of friction or friction is the cause of slipping
6 years ago

Answers : (3)

Vinay Arya
37 Points

Neither sliping is the cause of friction nor friction is the cause of slipping.I think you might have read rotational dynamics.In those problems you might have seen 'assume that there is sufficient friction to stop slipping".So it means that friction helps in stopping the body not in slipping.As the direction of friction is opposite to the direction of motion of the body,you are wrong.

6 years ago
Neer Varshney
76 Points

Slipping is the cause of friction.

When the friction is very small,the slipping occurs. 

that is either mass of the body or the coefficient of friction is very small.

6 years ago
Vinay Arya
37 Points

If slipping were the cause of friction then why is there static friction when the body is at rest.Friction is an electromagnetic force.Electromagnetic force does not require any motion.So neither firction is the cause of slipping nor sliiping is the cause of friction.

6 years ago
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