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Sanika Phatak Grade: 12
        A projectile is fired at an angle ? on an inclined plane with angle a find the condition for which it lands perpendicularly on incline.

When does the projectile land perpendicularly? Shouldnt it land with angle ? only??
6 years ago

Answers : (1)

melvin davis
6 Points

let b be the angle of projection with the inclined plane whose inclination is a

then the condition for it to land perpendicular the plane is 2tan(b-a)=cota

if the projectile land on the surface horizontally(parallel to ground ) then tanb = cota+2tana

it can be easily derived from the formulas of motion on inthe inclined plane such as

x=ucos(b-a)t -(1/2)gsin(a)t^2

y= usin(b-a)t-(1/2)gcos(a)t^2

by appling the condition.

6 years ago
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