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Grade: 9


In a pendulum, kinetic energy is 0 at the extreme positions, so how is the speed maximum at the extremes?????? Pls explain in refernce to this statement!!!!

9 years ago

Answers : (4)

vikas askiitian expert
509 Points
							dear shivam , 
let bob of pendulam is raised to heigth H , then it is allowed to fall ....
this point will be extrimity of its motion bob will move from this position to lowermost position (mean position) ... from enegy conservation 

 (KE)i + (PE)i = (KE)f + (PE)f         (i , f are initial & final state)
initially bob was at rest so (KE)i = 0                 (at extreme pos)
finally bob was moving so (KE)f = K                    (at mean pos)

initially it was at height H so PE stored = mgH        (at extreme pos)
finally it comes down so its PE becomes 0 ..            (at mean pos)

since energy is conserved so we can say that all of its PE is converted into its KE when it is at lowermost point(mean pos)...

therefore maximum velocity of bob is at mean position ...

methametically , v = AWcoswt ..........1 &
                 x = Asinwt    ........2

 V is max when coswt = + or -1
                 wt = 0 or pi
at 0 or pi , x = 0 
x = 0 , means mean position ...

therefore max velocity  at mean pos only ...

9 years ago
iit jee
44 Points


potential energy is maximum at the extremes .when it again starts its motion towards the mean position then the potential

energy is converted into kinetic energy.thus the velocity is maximum at the mean position not at the the extreme

its acceleration is maximum.

9 years ago
Ritvik Gautam
85 Points

Actually, at the extreme positions, the speed is not maximum, but the acceleration is. So, due to that acceleration, the speed gets maximum.


At the exterme point,






At the mean position








Please Approve!!

9 years ago
ajinkya bhole
10 Points


speed iz max at bottom most part...

9 years ago
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