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Grade: 11

If we hold an empty bucket above ground in the air then according to physics work is done while pulling up the bucket.

But when we are holding the bucket at constant level, the work done is zero since displacement is equal to zero. This means that we should be able to hold the bucket at that constant level FOREVER, which is not possible practically. 


9 years ago

Answers : (2)

Ritvik Gautam
85 Points

It is a uniform principle that anything in this universe would tend to remain in the lowest potential energy possible.

When we rise the bucket above to a certain level, then it had a gain in its potential energy.

Since, it would want to remain in the lowest potential energy possible, so the gain in potential energy is converted into the kinetic energy and hence it moves down. So, at every moment, the bucket wants to minimise its potential energy and move down, but since we want to maintain a certain level, therefore a certain force needs to be applied such that



Remember, the work done here is zero, but a force is needed to keep that body at thet level.


We are not able to hold the bucket at the constant level as the potential energy would change into the kinetic energy.


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9 years ago
rohit kumar
31 Points

this phenomenon is practically not we r applying force opposite to that of gravitational force.thus action reaction pair forms.till the reaction pair(force applied by u)is working the net work done will be u can't apply thatb force for ever so this is practically not possible.

9 years ago
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