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Grade: 12

A cylinder of radius R lies on a horizontal suface. A boy wants to throws a ball over the cylinder with minimum possible speed o that the ball is just able to cross the cylinder.

(a) Min Speed is:

(b) Angle of projection for min speed:

(c) Distance of point of projection from lowest point of cylinder for min speed:

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Mukul Shukla
40 Points

Adding the diagramatic representation and answers. Anybody please solve..!


(a) (gR(2+2(2)^1/2))^1/2

Under root gR into two plus two root two.

(b) cos inverse [1/{4+2(2)^1/2}]^1/2

Cos Inverse under root one upon four plus two root two

(c) R(1+1/(2)^1/2)

R into one plus one by root two

8 years ago
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