What is moment of inertia ?

What is moment of inertia



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Durgesh Prasher
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11 years ago

it is property of motion to oppose the force acting to oppose change in its current state of motion

Saurabh Max
15 Points
11 years ago

inertia is property of mass possesing body to oppose change in linear relative motion

but moment of inertia is the property of a 'rigid' body to oppose rotatory motion along a given axis of rotation passing through the body or outside it.....

Ritvik Gautam
85 Points
11 years ago

moment of intertia is the tendency of a body to resist angular acceleration...

in layman's language... it can be understand as follows..

Linear Motion Circular Motion
Linear Velocity (v) Angular Velocity (ω)
Linear Acceleration (a) Angular Acceleration (α)
Linear Displacement (s)

Angular Displacement (Θ)

Mass (m)

Moment Of Intertia (I)

in other words.. moment of intertia is the anolgue of mass in circular motion...


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