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Grade: Upto college level


a light rod of length l rigidly attached to a small heavy block at one end and a hook at the other end.the system is released from rest with the rod in a horizontal position.there is a fixed smooth ring at a depth h below the initial position of the hook and the hook gets into the ring as it reaches there .what should be the minimum value of h so that the block moves in a complete circle about the ring?

9 years ago

Answers : (1)

vikas askiitian expert
509 Points

after releasing the system , heavy block moves in the influence of gravity & gains some speed ...there is no tension in rod...

after covering H distance , rod & particle are horizontally in same level with ring tension is present as the hook gets into the ring...

now block moves in circle .... let at this point potential is 0 ...

now applying energy conservation bw the topmost point of circle & initial point ...

mv2/2 + 0 = mv12/2 + mgL           (v = initial speed , v1 final speed)

mv2/2 = mgH , so

mgH - mgL = mv12/2                        ....................1

at final state ,let T is tension then

T+mg = mv12 /L    (centripital force)

 if tension is 0 then also block can complete the circle so

mv12 = mgL  ................2

using 1 & 2

mgH = mg(3L/2)

H = 3L/2


approve my ans if u like it


9 years ago
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