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11 years ago

let particle are at A,B,C...

force on A due to B is F & force on A due to C is also F...

F = Gm2/a2

net force  = (F2+F2+2F2cos@)1/2                                 (by vector method)

angle bw them is @ = 60

so net force = Fn = 31/2F       ...........1

due to this force ,each particle circulates aroung their center of mass & center of mass lies at the center of equilateral triangle ......

Fc = Fn = 31/2Gm2/a2   

mv2/r = 31/2Gm2/a2

  v = {31/2 Gm/a2r}1/2 

 now r = a/31/2        

 now v becomes

 v = {3Gm/a3}1/2                                             ans1

time period = 2pir/v


               = 2pi(gm/a)1/2                             ans2

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