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Grade: 12


The figure shows a conical vessel having its outlet at A to which U-tube manometer is connected. The reading of the manometer given in the figure shows when the vessel is empty. Find the reading of the manometer when the vessel is fully filled with water. a) 400 mm b) 300 mm c) 430 mm d) 330 mm

9 years ago

Answers : (2)

Aman Bansal
592 Points

dear rohit,

let initial difference in height of mercury level = h2=200mm

n sp. gravity of mercury = 13.6

 sp. gravity of water = 1.0


density of water = 1000

density of mercury = 1360

using equation,

d1*g*h1= d2*g*h2

=> h1= 272 mm of water

when the vessel is full ofwater the pressure in the right limb will go down and lhe distance moved by mercury level be y  cm

above the datum level,

again equating pressure on boyh sides,

13.6*1000*9.81*(0.2*2y/100) = 1000*9.81 * (3+ y/100 + h1 )

=> y= 11.45 cm

difference in two limbs of mercury = 20+2y = 42.9 cm = 429 mm

hence answer is (C) 430mm

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9 years ago
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As we have converted y cm to y in meters by dividing it with 100, then how can we get answer in cm?
Can anyone clear this ambiguity?
2 years ago
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