plz explain collision of two projectiles

plz explain collision of two projectiles


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Dear arpit,

Collision between two projectiles is a rare eventuality. The precise requirement of collision is that the two projectiles are at the same position (having same x and y coordinates) at a given time instant. This is the condition for two point objects to collide or for a collision to occur. This is possible only rarely.

There are two positions (or corresponding time instants) when it is possible that projectiles occupy same position and thus may collide with each other. But, there are infinite possibilities that they would not. Projectile “A” may rise to the required height but “B” may be at lower or higher position. Similarly, even if two projectiles are at same height they may be horizontally separated. To top these, the projectiles may have time difference at the start of their motion. However, if two projectiles collide then we can make lot many simplifying assumptions resulting from the requirement of collision that two projectiles are at the same position at the same time. In this module, we shall examine these simplifying aspects of projectile motion under collision.  



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