i cant solve some problems in mechanics plzz help

i cant solve some problems in mechanics plzz help


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AKASH GOYAL AskiitiansExpert-IITD
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11 years ago

Dear Anirban

Read theory from H C VERMA and D C Pandey. try to understand the concepts and how to resolve a force and how to write force equations. if you can do both the things then you will find it easy. initially give more time on understanding the examples. then try problems on your own.

All the best.




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rajan jha
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11 years ago

first of all you must have confidence in yourself. mechanics is a lenghty portion of physics. so it requires good time to understand this. you must read h c verma books throughly and try yourself to do the numericals. this will help u enable your problem solving skill and point out the main points which u think is important. u may read d.c.pandey also as it masters ur concepts in a very easy manner.

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