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Raghu Surat SVNIT Grade: Upto college level

PL. solve the following Q:--

Q. A hollow straight tube of length 21 units and mass m can turn freely about its centre on a smooth horizontal table. Another smooth uniform rod of same length and mass is fitted into the tube so that their centres coincide. The system is set in motion with an initial angular velocity wo(omega nought). Find the angular velocity of the tube at the instant when the rod slips out of the tube:-

(a) wo/4  (b) wo/5  (c) wo/7  (d) wo/2

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Bhanu Kiran
16 Points
										According to the conservation of momentum

initial angular momentum = final angular momentum

initial angular momentum is ((m(l^2))/12)*wo
final is (((2m)(l^2))/12)*w

on equating both we get

w = wo/2
7 years ago
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