when cricketer catch the ball with backsing hands why cant he feel more momentum

when cricketer catch the ball with backsing hands why cant he feel more momentum


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AKASH GOYAL AskiitiansExpert-IITD
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12 years ago

Dear Baba

It is for reduction of impact force.According to Newton’s 2nd law Rate of change of momentum = Force applied. If time period dt is increased than Impact force decreases. Therefore while catching cricketer lowers his hands to increase time interval of change in momentum thereby impact force reduces.

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Neel Pratik Bhatt
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12 years ago

Dear Baba garg,


When a Fielder catches the ball, he lowers his hands with the ball. By Doing This he actually increases the time and as you know F=kma or F=k x m x v-u/t so we can say that F  is directly proportional to 1/t right ? So When The Time Is Increased The Force With Which The Ball Strikes his palm or hand  is less. When He Lowers his hand). And By The Second Law Of Motion It Is Said That Momentum Is directly proportional to the external applied force so if the Force is less the momentum is less.

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