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Prateek Gaurav Grade: 11

Q1.Prove that, for a given speed, there are two angles of projectile for which the range of a projectile are equal. Find the product of the times of flight for these teo complementry angles, in terms of range 'R'.

Q2.Show that for two projectiles fired at the same speed and complementry angles, the sum of the maximum heights is attained by them is independent of the angle of projection.

Q3.A pushing force making an angle theta to the horizontal is applied on a block of weight W placed on a horizantal table, If the angle of friction is alpha, then find the magnitude of force required to move the block.

Q$>A chain of mass 'M' and length 'L' is hanging by fixing its upper end to the right support. Find the tension in the string at a distance 'x' from the rigid support.

Q5. A particle is projected from the bottom of an inclined plane of inclination 30degree at an angle of 60 degree to the horizantal with a speed of 10m/s. Find the speed of the particle after 2 seconds.

Q6.Prove that the horizantal range of a particle is four time the maximum height attained by the projectile, when fired at an inclination so as to have the maximum horizantal range.

7 years ago

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Vijay Luxmi Askiitiansexpert
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7 years ago
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