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Momentum of a body is increased by 20%.Find % increase in Kinetic Energy

Momentum of a body is increased by 20%.Find % increase in Kinetic Energy 



2 Answers

Neel Pratik Bhatt
18 Points
10 years ago

Dear Nitin,

Momentum = mass * velocity = force * time 
Kinetic Energy = 1/2 * mass * velocity squared 

Since the mass of your object is not likely changing, it is the velocity which is changing. Therefore, your new velocity is 1.2 times your initial velocity. In the kinetic energy equation, velocity is squared. 1.2 squared = 1.44, and since nothing else is changing, your kinetic energy is now 1.44 times initial. This is an increase of 28.8%.Is The Answer Clear?


-Neel Bhatt

-Student(i Take askIITians Sessions) 

Nitin Gupta
16 Points
10 years ago

Sorry! Your answer is wrong.The correct answer is 44%

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