What is difrence between pseudo force and moment of inertia?

What is difrence between pseudo force and moment of inertia?


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abtriv triv
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12 years ago

A pseudo force is one which exists when u go into some other frame of reference.It is not actually existing but appears to exist in a particular frame.

Moment of inertia is present in all frames of reference.It is actually existing.U can find a good example in hcv abt an inertial frame abt a man standing and watching a capsule go upwards and a man inside the capsule .

shreyas ramoji
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12 years ago

No object can change it's state of rest/motion unless a force is applied on it.... it is true that moment of inertia kepps the body in state of rest or motion....  when a system comes to rest (for example consider a bus as a system), the passengers move forward as :

(1)it continues to be in the state of rest,


(2)a pseudo force (imaginary) keeps it in motion for some more time.


when the bus stops, a pseudo force acts on the passengers pushing them forward!!! Laughing


the same thing is actually explained in two contexts but the pseudo force concept is assumption or imaginary!



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