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Rahul Ramesh Grade: 11

A monkey of mass m climbs up a rope hung over a fixed pulley .The opposite end of the rope is tied to a weight of mass M lying on a horizontal plane.Neglecting friction find the acceleration of both the bodies (relative to the plane) and the tension of the rope for the 3 cases.

(1)the monkey doesnot move with respect to the rope

(2)the monkey moves upwards with respet to the rope with a acceleration a.

(3)the monkey moves down with a accelaration a with respect to the rope

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

ankit mishra
16 Points

when the monkey does not move up or down,then mass of monkey=mass of a=0,t=(m+m)g

2. wheen monke is going up m<M. so a=(M-m/m+M)g


3.the tension in the string will be sameand acceleration will change in the magnitude.


7 years ago
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