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Rishabh Dabral Grade: 11

Sir..i have 3 questions to ask...

Q1. Why does the earth bulge out at the equator?

Q2 Why does a pilot tend to black out when getting out of a steep dive?

Q3 Consider a rotating space station, spinning with just the right speed such that the centripetal acc. on the inner surface is g.Thus, astronauts standing on this inner surface would feel pressed to the surfaces as if they were pressed into the floor because of the Earth's gravitational force. Suppose an astronaut in this station holds a ball above her gead and "drops" it to the floor. Will the ball fall just like it would on the Earth?

Plz someone give me a way for these conceptuals.

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

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Dear rishabh,

The centripetal acceleration of the earth's rotation slightly cancels out gravity, points on the equator are the furthest from the earth's axis so they experience the greatest acceleration.

I think the pilot passes out because the downward force of the plane pushes all the blood away from his brain and causes him to pass out.

Please feel free to ask your queries here. We are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation.

All the best.

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Askiitians Expert

Sagar Singh

B.Tech, IIT Delhi

7 years ago
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