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saumya shivhare Grade: 11


how to deal with problems related to "river swimmer" along with different cases.

and sir, how to deal with a physics teacher who does not teach in a practical manner but in a theoritical way. (can't understand what he says.....)

saumya shivhare

7 years ago

Answers : (3)

chandan munny
33 Points

dear saumya shivhare

in all the problems of this type the best way is to converting into vectors i.e convert the river flow direction as 1 vetor the man swimming direction as 1 direction and all the other related things and by simple vector addition rules you will be able to solve it

and coming to your teacher try to explain him your problem and give him sometime to change otherwise inform to your institute head and demand for replacement but donot compensate it's a matter of your life. 


7 years ago
saumya shivhare
33 Points

Laughing thank u sir for the solution. now i think i can practise it. one more thing i wanna ask is how should we plan our daily routine to cover academi portion as well as competition. (i am in 11TH class , coachings- 5 hours each day from afternoon to evening)


saumya shivhare

7 years ago
saumya shivhare
33 Points

  • Yuvraj
  • IITD Physics - Centre of Mass- XI 41 9 9:00:PM
    7 years ago
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