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Vinay Arya Grade: 12

When slightly different weights are placed on the two pans of a beam balance,the beam balance comes to rest at an angle with the horizontal.The beam is supported at a single point P by a pivot

(A)The net torque about P due to the two weights is non-zero at the equilibrium position

(B)The whole system does not continue to rotate about P because it has a large moment of inertia

(C)The centre of mass of the system lies below P

(D)The centre of mass of the system lies above P

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Aakash Anuj
34 Points

(D)The centre of mass of the system lies above P

The centre of mass in this case lies above the pivot. The net torque has to be zero about P as the beam balance is in rotational equilibrium. We also know that the centre of mass of the body may lie outside the body as well.

7 years ago
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