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Nada KM Grade: 11

A ball starts falling with zero initial velocity on a smooth inclined plane forming an angle alpha with the horizontal. Having fallen the distance h, the ball rebounds elastically off the inclined plane. At what distance from the impact point will the ball rebound for the second time?

7 years ago

Answers : (2)

Rahul askIITiansExpert.IITR
110 Points

since the collision is elastic velocity along the common normal interchanges and along the incline remains same.

theresfore velocity along incline= and along normal =

so distance along the incline=............1

distance along normal==0

this gives t as 2v/g where v=

substitute this in 1 to get the answer

the answer should be 


please approve
7 years ago
11 Points
what is that sitmo??                                              
tis is y yahoo ans is the best
one year ago
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