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akash goyal Grade: 12

A steel ball strikes a steel plate at an angle with the vertical . If the coefficient of restitution is e, the angle at which the rebound will take place is

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

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Consider the steel plate to be lying on the floor. Let the coefficient of friction between the plate and ball be n. Let the vertical component of velocity be y & horizontal component be x. Let time of collision be t(tending to zero). Final vertical component of velocity after collision is ey.

If average (normal) force during collision is F,

Ft  =  m ( y + ey)            where m is mass of ball              

Average frictional force ffriction =   F=  m (y + ey) n  / t 

So    m (y + ey) =  m  (x - xfinal)

xfinal  x - n (y + ey

Let angle of rebound be a with vertical

tan a =  (   x - n (y + ey  )   /    ey  =  (tan b) / e   -   n/e     -  n            where b is angle of striking of steel ball with the vertical

8 years ago
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