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Sneha Kanekar Grade: 12

an object of mass 5kg is projected with v=20m/s at angle of 60 wit d horizontal .at highest point of its path d projectile explodes and breaks into 2 fragments of mass 1kg and 4kg.they separate horizontally.the explosion releases internal energy such tat K.E of system is doubled.calculate separation between 2 fragments wen dey reach the ground

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Aditya Nijampurkar
16 Points

 projectile motion

velocity at highest point before explosion=20cos 60°=10 m/s..

before explosion, energy=1 2X5X102 J

after collision, energy=5X102 J

now vel of 4 kg part=V and 1 kg part=v

so, 5X10=4V-v

1 24V2+1 2v2=500

now the second case will be when we ll consider the case wer 1 kg mass flies in direction of projectile motion b4 explosion...

i e we ll write 5X10=v-4V
next time to fall is time for free fall ie half the time of flight for the original projectile..

and distance between the two will be (V+v)t
7 years ago
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