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Grade: 12th pass
1).what is the basicity of B(OH)3
2.)Force necessary to pull a circular plate of 5cm radius from water surface for which surface tension is 75 dynes/cm, is
3.)A square frame of side L is dipped in a liquid. On taking it out, a membrane is formed. If the surface tension of the liquid is T, the force acting on the frame will be
4.)The material of a wire has a density of 1.4 g per cm3. If it is not wetted by a liquid of surface tension 44 dyne per cm, then the
maximum radius of the wire which can float on the surface of the liquid is
2 years ago

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Dear student
Please ask one question in one thread only.
Boric acid does not dissociate in aqueous solution, but is acidic due to its interaction with water molecules to form the tetrahydroxyborate ion: 
B(OH)3 + H2O ------> [B(OH)4](-) + H(+) (Ka = 5.8x10−10 mol/l; pKa = 9.24) 
so it does not act as a proton donor but behaves as a lewis acid i.e. it accepts a pair of electrons from OH(-) ion....
Arun (askIITians forum expert)
2 years ago
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