Sir I in12 how to prepare best for iit and advice me best routine

Sir  I in12 how to prepare  best for iit and advice me best routine  


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3 years ago
Dear student
Learn wbeey chaltwr from basics and deeply. Solve previous year paper constantly.
Hope it helps
Krish Gupta
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3 years ago
See all you need is to dedicate around 5-6 hours of completely motivated study time. Start with your best subject, do it for an hour and do it passionately. Then go for Maths, Physics theory part, do it for an hour and start solving numerical questions. Do at least 30 questions before you start anything else. This will consume 5 hours of your time, but now you have mastered that part of Maths, Physics problem.
Revise Chemistry, organic chemistry alternate days, memorise reagents and all. That’s all good to go. Thanks
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3 years ago
See dont go here and there be focussed on your studies and try to make your mentor your good friend if you will go on other tracks .If try to solve many books then it will make confusions in many topics regards wish for a good future.

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