Sir, I got 144 in jee advanced according to original key.. I belong to OBC Category. What Would be my possible rank and branches i would get ?

I got 144 in jee advanced according to original key.. I belong to OBC Category. What Would be my possible rank and branches i would get ?


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bharat bajaj IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty 122 Points
7 years ago
Your predicted JEE Advanced 2014 Rank is between1601and1700
According to the data of last year as released by IIT, Your possible Branch & Institute can be one of the following.
Name of InstituteCourse CodeCourse Name
IIT BhubaneswarA4111Electrical Engineering
IIT BhubaneswarA4125Mechanical Engineering
IIT BombayB4128Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science
IIT BombayB5244Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science with M.Tech. in Ceramics and Composites
IIT MandiC4110Computer Science and Engineering
IIT MandiC4125Mechanical Engineering
IIT DelhiD4139Textile Technology
IIT DelhiD5205Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology
IIT IndoreE4111Electrical Engineering
IIT IndoreE4125Mechanical Engineering
IIT KharagpurG4120Industrial Engineering
IIT KharagpurG4122Manufacturing Science and Engineering
IIT KharagpurG4127Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
IIT KharagpurG4130Mining Engineering
IIT KharagpurG4133Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture
IIT KharagpurG5208Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering
IIT HyderabadH4109Civil Engineering
IIT HyderabadH4118Engineering Science
IIT JodhpurJ4110Computer Science and Engineering
IIT JodhpurJ4125Mechanical Engineering
IIT KanpurK4123Materials Science and Engineering
IIT KanpurK4202Economics
IIT KanpurK4204Physics
IIT MadrasM4127Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
IIT MadrasM4132Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
IIT MadrasM5228Engineering Design (Biomedical Design)
IIT PatnaP4110Computer Science and Engineering
IIT PatnaP4111Electrical Engineering
IIT PatnaP4125Mechanical Engineering
IIT RoorkeeR4136Production and Industrial Engineering
ISM DhanbadS4109Civil Engineering
ISM DhanbadS4110Computer Science and Engineering
ISM DhanbadS4111Electrical Engineering
ISM DhanbadS4114Electronics and Communication Engineering
ISM DhanbadS4125Mechanical Engineering
ISM DhanbadS4130Mining Engineering
ISM DhanbadS4131Mining Machinery Engineering
ISM DhanbadS4134Petroleum Engineering
ISM DhanbadS5216Computer Science and Engineering
IIT RoparU4111Electrical Engineering
IIT RoparU4125Mechanical Engineering
IIT(BHU) VaranasiV4107Chemical Engineering
IIT(BHU) VaranasiV5214Civil Engineering with M.Tech. in Structural Engineering
IIT(BHU) VaranasiV5305Mathematics and Computing
IIT GuwahatiW4107Chemical Engineering
IIT GuwahatiW4401Design

Bharat Bajaj
IIT Delhi
askiitians faculty

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