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I got obc rank of 240 in iitjee advanced. What branches can I expect in top iits

I got obc rank of 240 in iitjee advanced. What branches can I expect in top iits

Grade:12th pass

3 Answers

askIITians Faculty 1246 Points
5 years ago
You expect almost all from all old IITs except CS in very topmost IITS like IITB IITKGP iiTK etc
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya
521 Points
5 years ago
u can easily  get  good IITs       with  top  branches  expect  cs     but  u  have  ascope  of  cs  in  new  IITs   like  rorkee  hydrabad    banaras   indore   etc     and  new  IITs  also  have  a  great carrier   scope  with   great  packages  ….…..   if  u  have  lisend    a  latest  news   that   a  boy  from  IIT  indore   get    package   of  1.80    from  google   and  2  years  before    a  boy  from iit  hydrabad    also  got    package  of  78  lakh    from  google   ….….….….….   so  friend   u   have  a  great  carrier  scope    with  old   iit  ecxept  cs   branch  and  in  new  iit  s     with  a  cs  branch  ….….…...  so  best  of luck    ….….….….….. if  you   satisfy  with   my  answer  so please   just click on approve  button  ...and  if  you  have  any  other  question   or  dought     keep asking
116 Points
5 years ago
first of all congratulation.

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