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how much marks shld i hv to score to get a govt eng colg in jee 2015 ??

how much marks shld i hv to score to get a govt eng colg in jee 2015 ??

Grade:12th pass

3 Answers

Prajwal Kavad
603 Points
6 years ago
u should have a normalised score above 62 to get atleast any seat through CSAB
Ayushmaan Vardhan
804 Points
6 years ago
It is generally and very rightly said “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will be among stars” i.e. your target should be high, say 100%,  even if you fail you must be lying somewhere in ninties amn the like….so, i hope that i have made youunderstand in lesser possible words what you should do and along with it, keep visiting leading institutions offering engineering programs. you may consider visiting the official websites of – OP Jindal Uni, Raigarh......Deenbandhu Chhoturam Uni of Sci and Tech, Murthal......Ajay Kumar Garg Engg College, ghaziabad.....Lovely Professiobnal Uni, phagwara etc
Nicho priyatham
625 Points
6 years ago
normalise score above 180 will give u a seat in GOOD government collage

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