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Hi, I got 2046 AIR in JEE. Which branches should I opt in IIT Delhi?

Hi, I got 2046 AIR in JEE. Which branches should I opt in IIT Delhi?

Grade:12th pass

2 Answers

aasavari kakne
13 Points
5 years ago
you can get indrustrial production , chemical , engineering physics , civil , biotechnology and textile engineering .
Aneesh Sehgal
955 Points
5 years ago
Dear Student, it solely depends on your personal interest what is your inclination, otherwise chemical engineering and biotech are good picks as both of them have a bright future prospects and if you have something on your mind then you may go for the same. getting a seat at an IIT is a matter of pride no doubt, but this does not mean that we may overlook the relevance of other renowned institutions like – Presidency University, Bangalore,...............CMR Engineering College, Hyderabad,....................Lovely Professional University, Phagwara etc....These institutions have a hard earned image for quality education as well as sound placements.

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