what is the percent of 11th cl;ass syllaBUS in iit paper

what is the percent of 11th cl;ass syllaBUS in iit paper


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Ramesh V
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13 years ago

its very difficult to say but about 60%......
but to clear IIT you need to have command on all the topics!!!

my dear chap, never try to learn only +2 syllabus and go for the exam... you ll not succeed.
iit papers are set in such a way that they are more concept based.
for cracking iits, your concepts have to be strong. so you are expected to know what is taught in 11th....
unless you know that you wouldn't have a good grasp of +2 syllabus as well... i have written the exam as well....


CO-ORDINATE:-straight lines,circles.are most important one.

ALGEBRA:-complex no.,vectors and qudratic eqution are most important one.
CALCULUS:-derivatives,limit,continuty.are most important one


machanics,kinematics,vectors are most important one


bonding,nomenclature,matels however tough questions comes from physical part.

ABOVE MENTIONED ARE JUST most important ones, otherwise whole syllabus must be covered.




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