i got 112 score in iit-jee exam and 82 % in 12

i got 112 score in iit-jee exam and 82 % in 12


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tejas naresh patel
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9 years ago

best ofgluck dude

shiddhant bhattacharya
25 Points
9 years ago

according 2 fiitjee


Based on your performance in JEE(Mains)-2013 and expected percentage of XII board marks entered by you, we apprehend that you might not be considered for final selection into IITs as you fail to satisfy the criterion of top 20 percentile of your board.However,you will be eligible to appear for JEE- Advance-2013 and your All India AIEEE equivalent rank will be beyond 150000. 

Based on your performance your absolute rank of JEE (Mains) 2013 is predicted to be 102274.

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