how much marks in iitjee will fetch me some rank within 9000?

how much marks in iitjee will fetch me some rank within 9000?


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akash solanki
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10 years ago

Dear Aniket,


You should have marks above 100 in IITJEE to get rank within 9000.

But my personal advise is that you should think of get a rank within 100 then you will get a rank within 1000. Be prepare for IITJEE.




Chilukuri Sai Kartik
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10 years ago

Hi Aniket,

You cant predict anything from now...


The pattern changes every year and the max.marks also change and with it, the cut-off mark varies.

So we cant predict anything.

But if you get more than 60% of the total marks in the exam, you are bound to get a decent rank.


All the Best!

prabhjot singh
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10 years ago


Godfrey Classic Prince
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10 years ago

Dear Aniket Aich,

Getting a percentile of 75 or above will surely land you in a very good IIT,so I believe that somewhere aroound 55-60% is enough for you to get into the Top 9000. But why aim for being in the Top 9000 when you can aim being in the top 1000. Try going for that and set your expectations high. 

''Aim for the Sky,atleast you will reach the rooftop''

So always remember to keep your expectations and thinkings as high as possible.


All the Very Best & Good Luck to you...

Hope this helped you immensely...!!


AskIITians Expert,

Godfrey Classic Prince


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