how make things atom

how make things atom

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Aman Bansal
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Dear Sanjeet,

We know for a fact the atoms are made up of electrons, we have photographed these. They look something like golf balls or burrs, a dimpled spherichal shape with pits or irregular strata.

We also think protons and neutrons make up the central portion but weve never seen that area.

Under quark theory each of these sub-particles (electron, neutron, proton) is made up of various quark charges called quanta and these spin within the sphere to create a particle such as an electron. An electron is made up of many quanta of different quarks that rotate about in a spherical shape to form the electron and make the electric charge.

Under M or String theory quarks or electrons or protons might be accumulations of one dimensional string clusters vibrating in a unison manner. Much like a symphony orchestra.

There is no proof for any of this except some loose mathmatics and physics phenomenon that seems to fit the quanta/quark motif.

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