how can i get below 100 rank in iitjee

how can i get below 100 rank in iitjee


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Godfrey Classic Prince
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12 years ago

Dear bahvyasree vegesna,

Pure Dedication & Hard work !!

No other way .......


All the Best & Good Luck !!

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omkar deepak borkar
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12 years ago


u have to be determined to get into iit.

i see its just the beginning of ur 2yr course.if so then this is the right time to start with added reemforcements.during the november time of iit coaching u will b frustrated by the undue tentions and the vast portion and also not to mention the revisions tht happen to over burden ur capabilitioes.

if u survive iit till march or april....damn sure of ur survival and determination to get into iit.

iit needs people who r hardworking.....and as most people think tht they should possesss intellingence.

everyday 3hrs of physics 2hrs chemistry and 5hrs of maths is a must if u have to get into the top 100.though it seems hard to follow u have to follow it in order to get into iit. top 100.




best of luck!!!!!!

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