how we manage my time during prepration

how we manage my time during prepration


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Ashwin Sinha
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11 years ago

Dear Mayank Patel,

Here, I am going to provide you some time management tips that will help you to fulfill your dreams of being selected in IIT :


    *  Everybody should remember one thing that time never stops and an IIT aspirant always learns to utilize your time that you have to the fullest.

    *  You should also maintain an optimistic attitude and always try to seek out the best in your life. The best way to be an optimist is to enjoy your work whatever you are doing.

    *  Somebody truely said that failures are the pillars to success. So never stop being sorry for your failures and try to learn from them. You should always find means to being succeed from your failures.

    *  You should always keep time for important things. You should always keep enough time for important tasks. To achieve this, you can save your time by completing things before time. So you can use this spare time to review your study notes and practice a lot on different and unique problems.



               Good Luck!!!!!!


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