how i start preparing for iit

how i start preparing for iit


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12 years ago

the main focus should be that u should complete the entire syllabus by December(the year when u r going to give iit)..... get correspondance material of vidya mandir or helps to keep in track...there was regular part that u r always focused to do well in test and to complete my syllabus by time.... ...ultimately how much time u devote yourself for iitjee keep in mind ...self study is very much important.... And join any  test series.....just to check your potential i would suggest brilliant, vidyamandir, or fiitjee test will help you to judge yourself...always keep in mind in any test u have to score more than 50% marks...that is enough....  And if u r following any correspondance material than don't follow so many books…. i would suggest H.C.Verma(for electrostas and mechanics), Waves and thermo(by D.C. panday), optics and modern(by D.C.panday)...... A.Das Gupta(for maths)chemistry package and NCERT(for entire chemistry) these books are just for reference to clear ur doubts. if u are having some doubts in any topic then only follow these first solve the entire question of correspondance material (all physics, maths and chemistry)....and after if you get time then follow the given books that i have suggested..... Waves and thermo(by D.C. panday), optics and modern(by D.C.panday)......and A.Das Gupta(for maths) is very good...if you will complete these books than it will be more than enough....and ofcourse the study package of brilliant... u will get hardly 3 to 4 days for a topic.....for any topic in 4 days...u have to solve all questions of your study package first, and if u will get extra time then only u will touch any don't waste much time in any topic....beacuse syllabus is vast....try to solve as many numericals u can  and during your part test and full test...always aim to score high (more than 50%)....initially it will be difficult but later u will be able to score be patient.... have numerical approach to ur study....and try to complete ur theory part only by one book or correspondence material...never try to read theory from two will waste ur time ...beacause everywhere theory is always if u are following two sources for a same topic...then only focus to solve more numericals... One most important thing....after reading any topic u must make a short note of ur short note u should have some good problems(say 10) of that topic and the formulas that is used frequently in that topic....and some theory part(say some good points)...these notes will help you in future for short revision...because revision is very u must have your own notes to revise the during revision u should not read any book or correspondance material....your own notes should be sufficient for revision....

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12 years ago

Dear Areshpreet Singh,

As far as time managment is concerned, you need to schedule definite timings foe each paticular subject .

Self study matters a lot, self study means apart from all other studies, the total time that you devote for the study of yourself

It would be tter for you if you follow the following schedule.

Physics: 2 hrs a day self study apart from tutions and school time.

chemisrty: 2 hrs a day apart from tution and school timings.

Maths:    3 hrs a day apart from tutions and school.

this schedule is only for your self study.

Now in tutions whatever you do daily, go with the quick revision at that very moment after the completion of the topic, in all subjects. Note 

that this rhythm shoulsd not break any how.

focus on analytical topics rather than theoratical topics.

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