please give me detail about prepatory course in iit. i got 100 marks in iit. can i get prepatory course in iit. i am a pd.

 please give me detail about prepatory course in iit. i got 100 marks in iit. can i get prepatory course in iit. i am a  pd.


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with a score of 100 you can get into the preparatory course in iits...the details about it are compiled as follows...

the IITs wrote to the government for permission to run a year-long preparatory course, a feeder class to train quota students for a year to equip them to clear the JEE. That was when quota seats went abegging. Now, things have come full circle and probably for the first time this year, the tech schools have declared there would be no preparatory course for Scheduled Caste candidates, as more students have qualified than seats available.

Popularly termed "prepies" on campus, the students did not make the mark forcing the IITs to generously reduce cut-offs and put them through special coaching. "But over the years, enough SC students have done well and qualified for the IITs. It is probably the first time that we don't need to conduct a preparatory course for them," said IIT-Madras director M S Ananth.


While the older IITs have also faced the problem of finding enough students who qualify for reserved seats in the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, or ST, categories, this is the first time that slots would have gone vacant at the six new IITs.

Unfilled seats at the older IITs have continued to be filled by students who had failed to qualify, but had then been admitted to a year-long preparatory course; these students are later admitted to the IITs.

For this academic year, the mentor IITs had postponed admissions for the preparatory course to next year, fearing an additional burden on infrastructure.

At the new IITs, only seven out of 54, or 12%, of the seats reserved for ST students have been filled. In the IITs in Patna, Gandhinagar and Orissa, no ST student has been admitted for the academic session that began in August.

The proposed IITs in Punjab and Rajasthan have admitted one student each, whereas IIT Hyderabad has five ST students.

With the new guidelines from the ministry, which oversees education, the elite institutes are again in a fix. “Most new IITs have begun classes. Any new directive on more students is going to make things more difficult and we are really bursting at the seams,” an IIT director said, requesting anonymity. “We have to attend to two institutes with the infrastructure of one IIT.”

Notably, the respective state governments have not come up with specific sites for the IITs at Punjab, Rajasthan and Orissa, which is why theseIITs have commenced their classes at their mentor IITs at Kanpur, Delhi and Kharagpur, respectively.

IIT Patna, Gandhinagar and Hyderabad have been set up on temporary campuses.

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